Wesleyan RD 2024

hey! dont know if there was already a thread (couldn’t find one) but hoping to find other ppl like me who really love wes

I absolutely love Wes. Have you visited the campus?
I was deferred from ED1 to ED2, but I shifted the admission plan to RD.
Cannot wait to hear back in March

yo i recognize your name. from somewhere… (barnard? wellesley?) guess we’re applying to a lot of the same schools!
i have visited the campus! it didnt make that much of an impression on me but i remember talking to one of the deans of admissions (who actually recommended bryn mawr to me) and i was really touched by how kind she was to me. i emailed her later and she even remembered me!

Must be Wellesley, haven’t applied to Barnard :slight_smile: that’s awesome, I was going to apply to Bryn Mawr too, but decided on Scripps instead.
Oh, I loved the campus and the vibe at the campus. Did you interview?
Decisions should be out by mid-March right?

When do we think RD decisions are coming out???

I’ve seen in the past it being March 23rd

Hey everybody! Good luck to you all, and I hope you all get in!

Have a nice day!

Who thinks accepted student day is going to be canceled? Me.

Hello silverpurple. Wesfest will no longer be held on campus. There may be virtual events in its place. Stay tuned.

hey! I was also deferred ED1 to ED2 and got in. I am pretty positive my deferral had something to do with money because all the kids I know who got in ED1 did not apply for aid. I ended up getting a full-ride which is pretty sick.
I was just wondering since you shifted your application to RD, do you feel they might take that as a sign of disinterest? I was about to do that too because I was so insulted they didn’t accept me the first round, but I was afraid they would blackball me or something.

Hey guys! Based off of year prior, I think Wesleyan decisions are coming out next Saturday. So nervous…

@Robgli Heyy!
While deciding whether I should shift or not, that was what I was worried about, I will be honest. But since I didn’t get in through ED, I figured shifting to RD would give me a lot more financial flexibility, which is why I shifted. Wes is still my top choice and I really hope I get in. I did send them a letter of continued interest while informing them of my decision. So, let’s see :slight_smile:

I’ve been hearing Bates and possibly Bowdoin on Saturday so could be!

Middlebury releasing decisions on March 21st

is wesleyan not doing early writes this year?

Wesleyan’s decisions are coming out 10 days from now (the 25th). I have been in contact with a coach at Wes and he emailed me today with this date.

anyone know what time of day Wes typically releases decisions? i do believe it’s going to be the 25th as the OP said - a sports coach at Wes told me that too. so nervous for this decision to come!

Do we think the decision is going to come out on the 21st or the 25th? Because the College Confidential thingie says that it’s rumored to come out tomorrow.

It sounds like decisions will come tomorrow - but what time?

Hey guys, I applied RD.
Yes, I heard decisions will come out tomorrow-- in past years, their decisions have come out at 3:00.