Wesleyan Scholarship

Does anyone know about this scholarship? My D was invited to attend a day to compete for this scholarship. Unfortunately, they don’t say anything about how the scholarship is determined. Can anyone help/provide more info?

We are going to the scholarship day. Would love more info if anyone knows anything. It is supposed to be a competition and the extra scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 per year. Given there is a lot at stake, it would be great to know more!!! Anyone? Current students?

@JBSeattle did you get any more information? Dd20 is interested in OWU but we would need more merit money than the 30k on the site.

Yes, she received the Branch Rickey scholarship. They invited her to a day in either Jan or Feb. We are going in Feb. It sounds like it is primarily an accepted students day combined with an essay competition.