Wesleyan Tied for 11th in US News Ranking

I think we’ve finally found the precisely correct ranking system. US News finally got it right … well, almost. Wes should still be higher. :wink:


I predict with some confidence that this particular ranking is about to fall out of favor with a handful of local posters who have heretofore been steadfast supporters. In 5, 4, 3, 2 …

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As someone who has been a frequent critic of the rankings from nearly the first issue of the magazine that published it, I would, of course, be justifiably labeled as hypocritical to embrace it now. But I look at it this way: having witnessed them being engineered to match public perceptions regarding wealth and prestige for the past thirty years, it is gratifying to see the USNews rankings come full circle and begin to reward efforts at diversity, equity and inclusion.

Since it was not my intention to bum out OP I remove my comment.

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Not me. I always maintained enough neutrality such that I could openly embrace them as soon as it was convenient. Today is that day. :slight_smile:

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Does everyone like to accuse said schools of only catering to the privileged? Is there an institution in the United States other than the Proud Boys and the KKK who are not making at least some efforts to diversify their ranks?

I’m sure you’re a hoot at parties and you don’t mean to be doing this, but you’re bumming me out on my thread today. Not cool. :wink:

Well, I can only speak to the LAC rankings which, frankly, is a little bit like comparing which canary occupies the least guilded cage.


Honestly, I was just razzing you! You should never take me seriously.


Well - it’s always nice to ensure someone’s good day.

They’re actually 8th, if we consign the academies to their own mini-ranking.


Then by all means, OUT with the academies!!!

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it’s pretty hilarious to see some of the carnage in the rest of the nescafe league.
at this point, it’s gotta be usnwr trawling, right?
gotta be.
the whole list is a yuge driftnet sitting just beyond the 12-mile limit now anyways.
not that i won’t be bugging certain wes people i know with this.
i happen to know this sea change occurred because 3 wes students found themselves working next to each other in a lab class when they all realized they had chosen wes over vassar and none had applied to brown–usnwr is very sneaky and has sources everywhere!

but @prezbucky ain’t foolin’ when they say the service academies have no business being a part of this ranking.

I know it’s a typo, but now that I have seen it, in my mind it will remain the NESCAFE league.

I thought it was deliberate! LOL.

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I don’t think it was a typo. It’s actually a good one.


not a typo

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That was awesome.

“In a world of Nescafe, be Sanka. Colgate University.”

Well, it is a bit shocking to see how low the percentage of students requesting federal financial aid at Wes is. Seems completely at odds wtih the image Wes seeks to project.

That’s because there’s been a sea-change since you and I graduated from Wesleyan. Families who would have been full-pay can no longer afford Wesleyan without a not-insignificant amount of grant aid in addition to federally-backed student loans. Those families have, in effect, been priced out of Wesleyan and similarly high tuition/high need based, private, four-year, residential colleges (Major Caveat: Everyone should run the school’s Net Price Calculators before making a decision.)

I am so lost (says the Vassar alum)…

Looks like #15.

I think we need to investigate. There’s no way Tennessee Wesleyan should be ranked that high!!!