Wesleyan Transfer 2021

Hi! I haven’t been able to find a transfer thread so I made one! I can’t wait for decisions to be released :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed we hear back soon!! Wes is my top choice. Last year, decisions were out 4/29 at 3pm. Maybe this Thursday or Friday?

Mine too! :slight_smile: ooo that would be awesome! I know the website says mid-May but I hope it comes soon!

Could be my wishful thinking… I’ll reach out to admissions to see if they picked a date yet. It was 5/6 in 2019. I hope we end up at Wes together!

Gotcha—well, it should be soon either way! Yes, me too!! Good luck with your decisions!!

Thank you! I just came across this: Deadlines and Requirements, Wesleyan University - Wesleyan University

The notification date is “late April,” so we’ll find out very soon!!

Thanks for passing along, I can’t wait!!

I received an email asking for additional financial aid documents last Friday, so maybe the office is finalizing things?

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I had emailed the office a few days back, they told me they would release the decisions end of this week. Wes released its decision on a Thursday before, I think today’s the day!!


yay - thank you for letting us know!! they released on 4/29 last year so i’m hoping it’s today! does anyone know if wes releases decisions at a certain time of day or if there are any portal myths (i.e. checklist disappearing)?

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I think it comes around 12 pm or something not too sure!

Ahhh I cannot wait!! I checked the thread from last year and it seems like people started posting after 3pm.


Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


45 mins! So nervous :tired_face:, but so excited! Thinking of all of you


Waitlisted :frowning:

Wait decisions are out? op-


ah rejected as well - i had 0 efc so that probably didn’t help ):

Waitlisted as well :confused:

im an international student, so my EFC was 100% LOL

they just admitted 50 people this year?