Wesleyan Transfer Fall 2022

Hello, anyone out there waiting to hear from Wesleyan this week? Based on last year, and the website’s saying notification would come in “late April,” do you think we might hear Thursday 4/28?

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My daughter is waiting. Her portal still says waiting for mid-year report from her school. She’s on Co-op this semester, so there’s not much to report. Good Luck!


Thank you! Any news anyone?

Nothing to report, unfortunately, but I’m keeping my eye on this thread just in case.

Admissions is releasing decisions tomorrow april 30th (i emailed and asked). Will report if accepted. Transferring from an Ohio LAC with a 3.95 gpa in mostly 300 or 400 level classes. But i am a 0 EFC student so I probably will not be accepted.

Thank you for the info! Good luck to all!

Based on past years, decisions should be out at around 2 central. Gl

Aaaand I was rejected! Oh, well. Congrats to anyone who got in, and good luck to those who haven’t checked yet. :slight_smile:

Accepted! 4.0 from SEC school. Didn’t apply for financial aid

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Rejected. Required full aid. 3.95 gpa from Elite Oh LAC

Accepted! 3.85 GPA from small LAC, applied for financial aid

my kid was waitlisted. Congrats to all who were accepted!

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Made a groupme for accepted transfer students if anyone wants to join

You’re invited to my new group ‘Wesleyan Transfers Fall 2022’ on GroupMe. Click here to join: GroupMe

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Accepted! 4.0 gpa from a small LAC w similar stats to Wes. Did not apply for financial aid. Would be interested in joining the GroupMe, but when I click the link it says group is no longer joinable