Wesleyan University 2025 Freeman Scholarship

I made a separate forum for the Freeman Asia Scholarship cuz we were kinda dominating the Wes 2025 thread…!

I wonder how many finalists Wes selected. Just don’t want to get my expectation too high

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I did my interview yesterday and they said they narrowed the list to finalists so I’m assuming it’s not too much. Still, they said don’t keep hopes too up since there’s other finalists they have yet to interview.
Also I’m from South Korea.

how was your interview? i got so nervous that i rambled SOOO much, but i hope it went well (and for yours too!!) they even asked me my school ranking and that kinda frustrated me cuz my school doesn’t do rankings and they seemed to have a legit say in the decision compared to the regular college alumni interviews lol…

does anyone know when results came out in the previous years? do they normally come out with other rd applicants? i’m so impatient i can’t wait another month but i have zero info lol :frowning:

oof that sounds harsh… they didn’t ask me my rankings but I also felt that the interview mattered a lot more than regular college interviews do and that did make me ramble a bit. They asked me which other universities I applied to and it felt like a trick question. I did answer honestly and say I applied to a couple other liberal arts colleges similar to Wes and then they asked me which I would like to go to the most??
Did not want to lie and say W is everything to me when actually I’m unsure about where exactly I see myself in so I was honest about that, I said financial aid matters most to me and whatever decision I’ll be making in may.
To be very honest, I felt like my interviewers (both Korean) were not too impressed with me so I won’t hold out too much hope.
I’m sure yours didn’t go as bad as you think it went and that if it’s meant to happen, it will. If not, think of how low the chance was to begin with. One person per country - it’s amazing how we’re finalists in the first place.

I saw somewhere that the freeman finalists got their results a couple weeks before the other RD applicants do but only if they got selected for the scholarship. If not, they would have to wait for the regular decision day.
Maybe it will be different this year?

OMG SAMEEE they asked me where else i applied (i said i applied to some schools in the UK, some UCs and other LACs in the east) and they also asked me if i would be interested in wesleyan even without the freeman scholarship. I said I would love to go but it would just be impossible for me to pay for it… maybe we had the same interviewers because they didn’t seem impressed with me as well… lol

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hi! i’ll be having my finalist interview tomorrow and i’m super nervous! so i was wondering whether any of you have attended could give me any tips. I would really appreciate it if you do!

hey there I’m a finalist from Taiwan. the most important aspect is to def stay calm and collected. Be prepared to answer some hard questions that require you to be spontaneous. Think about why Wes is such a unique institution, and how you could benefit from its education. I was not asked about class ranking nor other unis that I applied to. perhaps the interview is individualized based on your application, so just try your best! good luck ;))

thanks for the advice!
fortunately, my interview went really well! i wasn’t asked about class rankings nor other unis i applied to either. my interview was more centered on my activities and interests and how would i fit in the wesleyan culture generally. i hope we can be classmates in the future!

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Anyone heard back from Wes? I hate waiting so much.

i’ve heard nothing back from them as well…

the official web says that the decision should be released around late March, so the notification of the release date may release soon. fingers crossed!

Hi! If anyone has received the scholarship offer or has heard back from Wes regarding this, please update this forum! Thank you :slight_smile:

i’m guessing that the decisions will come out at the same time as regular decision (probably 27th ET)

I think so as well! best of luck to us all