Wesleyan University 2025 Waitlist

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone on the waitlist for Wesleyan University has gotten any news if they have started the first wave? Good luck to all of you!

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My twins are on the WL, and not a word. They just heard this AM that Colgate has over enrollment so the WL probably won’t be used there. Good luck!

Where did you hear that Colgate is overenrolled?

My twins are waitlisted at several colleges currently, and both got an update to their portal or an email this AM. They left in a hurry so I didn’t get the details but said that Colgate was full enrolled or over enrolled; that’s what the message from Colgate stated.

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If anyone has further updates about Wes, let me know!

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Has anyone heard anything? Are they even going to the waitlist this year?

I’m dying to know! What was their deposit date?

May 1st, still nothing though.

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I’ve emailed my AO on the 6th, and she has not replied yet. Perhaps, the entire admissions office is still reviewing their waitlist, so we have to be patient. The process may last until mid-June!

I got this in my second loci reply email this morning

“ Thanks for reaching out again and reconfirming your interest in Wesleyan. I’m sorry to have to tell you that as of May 1 we are over-enrolled for next fall. We would need to lose an unprecedented number of students to other schools’ waitlist activity to consider offering any seats in the Class of 2025.”

I predicted this:
Wesleyan 2025 RD - Colleges and Universities A-Z / Wesleyan University - College Confidential Forums

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Did anyone else get this message?

It sounds like that was just a personal response to their LOCI. I think once they know for sure that there isn’t any (or any more) room then they’ll send an email.

It was a personal response to my LOCI, but I also talked to many friends at Wesleyan who said they are having a housing crisis because of over enrollment for the class of 2025. They have around 900 enrolled for a class of 800.

That’s good to know at least. Thanks for the info