Wesleyan University Class of 2020

Hi everyone, so I thought maybe we could create this little discussion for the anxious ED applicants to Wes here so feel free to join the countdown! Only one week left!

so much anticipation!

yeah I’m really scared and pretty sure i’m not going to get in but yolo

Yeah same here… My extracurriculars really aren’t great and my grades up until junior year were pretty bad so yeah we’ll see how it goes I guess

so do we find out next friday or do we find out on the 15?

On the 11th, so next Friday, according to Wesleyan’s website

Anybody know what time?

I have absolutely no idea

Two days left! …

I’m one of 13 people at my school that applied early :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I heard that decisions are released at 3pm on Friday

Fellow unqualified ED applicant here. Where did you hear that, mast98?

Another post, which I now can’t find, listed the times and dates that the decisions have come out in the past few years and it’s always been 3pm so they think it’ll be the same this year. I can’t find the official time anywhere on the wesleyan website, though


I’m sure that tomorrow they’ll have a post amongst the news on their website that will state what time (at least I would guess so)

Hopefully they’ll just release them at 3 so that we won’t have to refresh all day :slight_smile:

Crossing fingers for everyone! Have you guys done your supplemental essays for other unis?

Btw, I sent an email to the admissions at Wes and they replied saying that we would get the decision notification at 3pm EST

I heard there might be a delay, but did see the Wes admissions instagram that said Friday yesterday. Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!

I’m dying inside right now