Wesleyan University ED 2025

It came out at 2:45 today. Good luck!!!

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Just got it! Good luck, everyone!!!


I got in!!! Hoping to see everyone on campus in the fall. Hopefully, we will all be vaccinated and life will be back to normal, too.

Good luck to everyone who was either deferred or plans on applying regular decision.

Class of 2025!


I was waitlisted… does anyone know the difference between a waitlist and deferral? Are they considered the same thing?

In my opinion Waitlist is better than Deferred. Deferred just means they are pushing the decision to accept, reject or defer until later. Waitlist gets you in if others in ED or RD who got accepted decide not to attend. Unfortunately that means more waiting though…

An ED1 applicant deferred to the RD round will learn of her decision at the same time as conventional RD applicants, typically in late March. An ED1 applicant deferred to ED2 will learn of her decision in February. Either of these scenarios can include a waitlist offer. A waitlisted applicant (at any time) will learn of her decision after Wesleyan has mostly established its first-year class, typically in May.

What about Deferred to EDII? It says we will find out in February. Was anyone else deferred till Feb?

Actually this is wrong. Deferred finds out in Feb or March depending on EDII ‘waitlist’ not till May, June or later. Deferred still can be waitlisted. Not other way around.

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I got in!


I applied for ED2, but I’m just wondering - How did y’all receive your decisions? Did you guys get an email? An email and a mailing? Just a mailing? Something else? I’m super nervous.

My son received an e-mail informing there was an update on his Wesleyan portal. The acceptance notification was found online. A letter came a couple of weeks later. Good luck!