Wesleyan University ED 2025

Any updates on Wesleyan University’s ED1 decision notification dates - December 11th?


hey friends…how u know the date?

Just a guess based on previous years. Wes’ website indicates ED1 notifications are mid-December. In the past few years it seems they provide on the Saturday just before the 15th around 3:00PM (Eastern Time). Not a bullet proof day/time but getting close…

what were y’all’s stats and activities?

Hello from China, mainland. Could anyone in the states call the admission office to comfirm the date of ED1 notification? My junior friend told me she had the result on Dec 8th three years ago.

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how? did you comfirm with the admission office?

Last year they released the result on December 14th. It was a Friday, so this year might be on 12th (also a Friday). Just a guess, I didn’t confirm with ao

I have a feeling that fewer students apply to Wes in ED1 compare with previous years, because last year there were hundreds replies around mid-December. Just a feeling, maybe people don’t use cc anymore…hh

I have the same feeling but my counselor actually told me the opposite, dunno where did she get the info

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I think we’re all going on gut feelings and hearsay since stats will not be available until the waiting game is all over… Having said that some articles I read indicate that Common App submissions compared to the same date last year have declined by 8%, FAFSA submissions have also decreased and some schools in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic might expect lower volumes of applications. However competitive schools remain highly sought after.

Coupled with all the pandemic uncertainty with the economy and health, my gut agrees with “Lorenwho” that Wes ED1 applications are probably going to be lower. Wes accepted about 4-5% more students last year (total) from a smaller pool of applicants compared to previous year to yield the same number of matriculants. I would guess a similar pattern for this year might occur. Nevertheless Wes is super competitive and a great school. So if you are applying to ED1 there, you’re going to succeed wherever you do end up. Best of luck and hopefully Wes issues decision notifications soon so they can fill their campus up with the next generation of wizkids!


Ahh! Decisions should come out tomorrow. Good luck everyone :grinning:

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Hopefully Google’s help got this right… Just wanted to wish everyone good luck and success with wherever you land! And for those coming from other countries, America is still a great country filled with great people, minds and opportunities!!!

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How do you know? Is it really usually a Saturday? I have seen Friday as the usual day. I am so confused and so stressed out please help!!!

For the past few years, they have released it on Saturday near 3 EST. They might release it today, but I doubt it because it is already past 3EST

Thank you. I have been looking for trends and half say friday and half say saturday so thank you for clarifying

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Good luck everyone!!


Any word?

It’s only 2:09 EST right now. I think it will be around 3 today. I heard it was 2:45 last year.

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Nothing on twitter or wes website as of 12:08 AM EST. Hopefully in about an hour…

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Sorry meant 12:08 PM lunch time.