Wesleyan University ED II

Hey everyone, I applied to Wes ed II and can’t find anything relating to decision dates other than mid-february. I’m wondering if anyone knows when Wes released ed II decisions last year?

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I also applied Ed2 and the 2024 class chat thread says that their decision was released the 12th.

ya I saw that after I posted the question lol. I Hope they come out sooner though.

i applied ed2 too; do you guys think theres hope for good results

I’m pretty scared, but the number of people applying ED2 seems to be much smaller this year. I also want to know how many people got in ED.

Does anyone know the date of when decisions are out?

How do you know the number is smaller? We have been told it is an extremely competitive ED2 pool this year.

I don’t actually know that. I just mean from the threads there are usually about 30 people instead of 5. You’re likely right about ED2, the Ed applications are probably more concentrated this year.

has anyone been able to find past years acceptance rate for ED 2? I know last year ED 1 was around 40% but I doubt its also that high for ED 2.

  • 1,005 applied in Early Decision (8% of applicants) and 423 were admitted (16% of admission offers), but the website doesn’t give any data that would help with the weighting of any of this…
    Other schools like Middlebury and Tufts seem to be releasing Ed2 decisions earlier than usual, but I haven’t gotten a notification from Wesleyan about theirs.

damn this year’s results got me nervous

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Same here.

Tufts released ed 2 yesterday and I doubt Wesleyan received more apps than them so I think we should find out soon.

I think they typically release results on Saturdays and I highly doubt it’s tomorrow at this point. Likely next Sat.

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last year they released on a Wednesday.

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how many did tufts receive?

I can’t find any data, but given they said they would release Mid-February and ended up releasing on feb 5 probably means they got less than expected.

No actually. Tufts received 35% more applications this year. I guess it’s more about the changes of personnels of the admission office(which may lead to a faster reviewing process. Given that they also use approximately 12 less days to finish their ED1 application review.

where did you find the 35% data from

also anyone have any idea for when results are going to be released?