Wesleyan University v.s Smith College????

My D was waitlisted at Wesleyan, which was her first choice. She has since gotten into Wesleyan, but after committing to and falling in love with Smith, she doesn’t know which school to pick.

Hi, did she get off waitlist recently? We’re anxiously awaiting news…

yes, on friday. good luck!

Would love to hear your thoughts! My daughter applied to transfer to both. She was accepted to Wesleyan but we are still waiting on Smith (she is second round because of delays in application, so not finding out until June 1).

I love both schools. If she’s fallen in love with Smith, I don’t see any reason not to go with it.

Not sure if your daughter’s already decided. They are both great schools, but very different from one another. (I went to Smith and my husband to Wesleyan.) I think your daughter should go with her gut about which place seems like the best fit. Academically she can’t go wrong with either place.