Wesleyan Vs. Bucknell

Hi, So I was admitted to both Wesleyan University and Bucknell University and I am confused about what would be a better fit for me.
I want to study Neuroscience, but with a Psychology aspect. I would possibly like to join WHO in the future or work as a therapist (basically serve others).
Academics are very important to me, but I’m not just a book person.
I would like to work hard and play hard. Thus a social life is desired.
I am leadership oriented and community service is a large part of who I am.
I would describe myself as passionate, geeky, and world aware. I am friendly and vivacious. I am outgoing and determined.
Do you have any advice?

Have you visited? Because while they are both excellent schools, I think they have pretty different vibes. Bucknell has an engineering and business school and has a more pre-professional reel as well as being very Greek oriented. Wesleyan has an artsier feel to it. I’d try to go to both accepted student days. If you can’t I would at least read up on the schools from guide books like Fiske, Insiders Guide, Princeton Review etc.

Very different schools. Completely dissimilar student bodies, attitude and intellectual rigor. You should really visit. Wes is much more intellectual, but no longer has any Frats and the sports scene is not a driver of social interaction. For your intended academic interest I do not think Bucknell has any special edge. Indeed, as @happy1 said, Bucknell is more pre-professional and business oriented. Wes is much more hipster, liberal and social justice aware while both the psych and neuroscience departments are top-notch. These two schools seldom would be comparable. If it will cost you the same to attend either, then academic prestige would set Wes significantly above Bucknell as these two schools would almost never overlap for top student consideration.

I agree with the others – you need to decide which environment is more comfortable for you. TOTALLY different vibe at each.

Sounds like Wes is a better fit.

Thank You all! Your advice was very helpful!
I am an international student thus, I am not able to visit either college.
I will definitely take your advice seriously!

Wesleyan, hands down. But I say that because Wesleyan students are quite liberal, intellectual, a bit nerdy, quirky. I have not been to Bucknell for a very good reason-- because it is almost the opposit from everyhting my D researched, except there are intelligent students there. Bucknell is sporty, probably more conservative, and has a large sorority and fraternity presence, which is great if you like that kind of thing and very unappealing if you don’t. As a foreigner, the Greek system as it is called, is very exaggerated in a movie like Animal House. But the point about the Greek system is that sororities and fraternities are all about forming cliques and exclusion ( stereotyping, before anyone bites my head off.) wesleyand has a small Greek life presence, but it is not dominant. Good luck!

Edit, just saw that a poster above said no frats at Wes. Did they just disband them? Pretty sure they had them 18 months ago. But a very small percentage.

Thank you everyone,
I have made the decision to attend Wesleyan, as I have been told it is a very good fit.
The biggest factor that influenced my decision was the course.
Bucknell’s internship opportunities are very varied and great, however there are more courses in Wesleyan that is more my style.
Thank you again.

I would have to disagree, stats are actually quite similar!