Wesleyan vs. Middlebury vs. UChicago

Im interested in studying Economics with possibly double major in Poly Sci? Not sure.
I’m honestly not sure because I’m interested in law, business, political science, etc.
The PPE(L) track maybe? (Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Law)

Let me know how each of these schools are and how they compare to each other.

Wesleyan has an interdisciplinary program called, the College of Social Studies (CSS) which would fit your PPE parameters and the closest to NYC (which you say you don’t like). Chicago is - well, Chicago. Probably the most “learning for the sake of learning” of all the large research unis. Middlebury is the most remote of the three. Academically, you can’t go wrong at any of them.

Agree with @circuitrider that they are all solid academic choices. The environments at each are very different! You may want to think about the kind of place that would appeal to you to live as well as learn.

All difficult to get into.