Wesleyan vs. Vassar

<p>I am trying to decide between visiting either Wesleyan vs. Vassar
I can either visit both or just Vassar, but if I visit both, the other college visits (to Carleton, Barnard, Haverford, Macalester, Bard, Northwestern, UChicago) would be shortened.
I am also looking to apply somewhere ED and don't want to apply somewhere I haven't visited.
I don't know what I am interested in (which is why I am looking into small LACs mostly), but I know I want to be involved in school publications.<br>
Also, there are other threads on this comparison, but most of them haven't been updated since 2007; I'm sure things have changed. I'm also more into the arts scene in that I would rather attend a school with arts things to do on campus rather than sports or frats.</p>