Wesleyan's Waitlisted Applicants Class of 2024

Has anyone heard from Wes just yet? Will they release waitlist decisions in waves or all at the same time?

I’m not sure if they release them in waves, but last year, they released the decisions on the first Monday in May. So we might hear back from them tomorrow

Thank you so much!

Have you heard back from Wes?


I was accepted today around 1230; they called and asked if I was interested and stated that they were starting a round of waitlist calls.

Has anyone else heard anything/have any idea how many students they’ll be taking off of the WL this year? I’m wondering how many waves they’ll be. I’m really hoping to get off of the waitlist, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

My son was offered a spot today at noon.

Was it by phone or did they email beforehand? Thanks!

Email then call.

I didn’t realize they would call, is that to get a quick commitment?

Does anyone know if there is a way to increase chances of getting off the waitlist at this point? Other than the initial letter of continued interest.

They said the LOCI is enough. Is there a deadline on when they would reach out to either accept or reject us?