West Campus

<p>Where are the best places to live in west campus?</p>

<p>Church of Scientology</p>

<p>Hehehe. xD </p>

<p>No not the Church of Scientology! haha. You really should get out there and see for yourself. If you’re looking for something quiet and studious it might be a little tricky to find unless. Set up a meeting with a realtor - tell them what you want in a place - and they’ll try to help you find it. </p>

<p>But hey it’s not bad living in that neck of the woods. Always something…well weird going on. haha lots of fun</p>

<p>High speed Internet, cable, and maintenance are NOT free. They are bundled into the price of the lease. In fact, the bundled services probably cost you more than if you contracted for them on your own because the landlord takes financial responsibility for those services and pays the bills for the tenant. </p>

<p>You are also paying for the pool and gym facility whether you use them or not.</p>

<p>If there is a cost to the landlord for providing a service, that cost is bundled into the lease and passed on to you. Otherwise, the landlord is losing money by providing that service and not recovering the cost.</p>

<p>If cost is a consideration, you are better off by leasing an apartment where you can contract only for the services that you need/want rather than paying for bundled services that you don’t need/want.</p>

<p>down with bundles!

<p>i recommend one of the many fine fraternity houses located in west campus. i bet they wouldnt even make you pay!</p>