West Chester Univ of PA info

<p>Any Info on school is great. How is Pre Med or Pre Vet</p>

<p>West Chester is located just west of Philly in the subarbs of Chester County. West Chester University is one of the many traditional state schools in Pa and is one of the better known ones to those from outside the region. From what I've heard from alum and those from the area, it's highly regarded for the sciences, including pre-med (don't know about pre-vet, but probably good in that dept. as well).</p>

<p>West Chester is a popular option for Pa students who are B students in the upper half of their class, but no superstars in the classroom. It is also popular as a financial safety, as the Pa state schools are very affordable and give a great education for the buck. The Pa state schools are typically best at training school teachers, but I've heard the sciences at West Chester are among the best of the Pa state schools.</p>

<p>It doesn't normally bring a large amount of out-of-state students, but probably draws more from NJ, MD, and DE as they are closest geographically.</p>

<p>This is about the extent of my knowledge, but I do know of a lot of successful alumni from West Chester.</p>

<p>I live not far away from WCU and I know lots of current students and grads...as well as people living in town. The campus is actually one of the nicer of the PA state schools...it is split between a main academic campus and a smaller south campus which is mostly residential. The town of West Chester is quite charming and has lots of small shops and bars along High Street. There are many strip malls nearby and large enclosed malls within 30 minutes of the campus (King of Prussia and Exton Square) with the usual mall stores. I believe WCU has a significant commuter population. I agree with ophiolite that WCU is well known as a teacher's college; I have also known some who have majored in the sciences, social sciences as well as business/econ. WCU is a great value for in-state students, and the OOS tuition is also very reasonable.</p>