West Chester University Admission

<p>I am a high school senior with an unweighted gpa of 3.1 and weighted is:3.7 my sats are horrible, 880 but I am retaking them this weekend. I am currently trying to become apart of the women's golf team so I am going through the recruiting process. I want to be a nurse and I'm starting to stress out about not getting in and what not. I've sent my application, and transcript just not my SATs. I was looking at my schools scatteogram oh who has been accepted and denied at WCU and it's crazy how some people who have a good GPA but horrible SAT or vice versa can get in. I'm not sure if I'm just being to hard on myself or should I be stressed out about not getting into the nursing program. What do you think my chances are in getting in to West Chester?</p>

<p>The nursing program is kind of competitive; did you also apply as undeclared? That can be helpful.</p>