West Point Chances


<p>I am a Junior in High School. I was hoping to get some thoughts on my chances of getting an appointment at the USMA (or even getting a congressional nomination).</p>


<p>Cross Country Captain
4 years Varsity Cross Country
Nordic Skiing Captain (Junior and Senior year)
4 years Varsity Nordic Skiing
Track and Field Captain
2 years Varsity Track and Field (2 mile being my main event)
2 years JV lacrosse
Eagle Scout
250+ Hours Community Service (more like 375 after this summer)
Attending West Point's Summer Leadership Seminar in June
Volunteer at a camp for kids with Autism for 2 weeks
3 Years High School Arabic (I've been doing this cool intensive summer program funded by the government that gives you a 500 hundred dollar scholarship each summer and credit for 1 year of High School Arabic)
SAT scores:
720 Critical Reading
710 Math
760 Writing</p>

<p>Bad news is my GPA is a 3.5 out of 5.</p>