West Valley/ De Anza questions

  1. I plan to take public speaking class this summer at De Anza this summer. However, my primary college where I will be attending this fall is West Valley college. Do I need to take De Anza’s English placement test? Will West Valley count credits earned for this class from De Anza?
    2)Aslo, my sister who will be a high school senior will also be taking this class as a concurrent HS student. Would she have to take the placement exam?
  2. Are De Anza classes free for High School classes like they are at west valley?
  3. does De Anza and West Valley use the 2016-2017 or 2017-2018 FAFSA to determine summer 2017 financial aid?
  4. what happens if I fail a class at college? I’m planning on transferring to a UC within 2 years.
  5. can I skip Mandarin 1 at De Anza if I’ve taken it in HS? I want to get the certificate of Achievement for Mandarin from De Anza, but the requirements are 6 quarters of Mandarin & 1 Asian history, so idk if it’s required for the certificate.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME! :slight_smile:

These are really specific questions that you should just ask a counselor at De Anza

As for #5 - you’re supposed to send a transcript from ALL institutions attended. If you fail a class, it is in your best interest to re-take and pass it.

Thank you for your response. I cant physically meet with a counselor because of school and I don’t drive. I’ve been trying to reach a counselor for 2 weeks but they never answer via phone, so I came here.

With all due respect there are other ways to get to a college. Unfortunately, community college counselors really suck, so often the only way to get a straight response is to go there. I have had to do that more times than you can possibly imagine.

1 – No you don’t have to take the placement test at Deanza if you are only taking public speaking. Yes West Valley will count the credit earned from DeAnza (If a class is taken at another institution, an unofficial transcript, grade report or in progress print out should be submitted to the Assessment Office at West Valley and they will count credits earned). http://westvalley.edu/admissions/faq.html

2 – no

3 If enrolled in more than 6 summer units a fee will be charged http://www.deanza.edu/outreach/highschoolstudents.html

4 don’t know

5 If you fail a class, take it over.

6 You might want to contact the online counselor for advisement on this particular question. https://www.deanza.edu/counseling/advisor/