West Village E

<p>I heard that West Village E has mostly studios and singles. Can any one tell me what the studios are like? And if it is better comparing to the new International Village?</p>

<p>The studio singles are great. The studio doubles are too small for two people. Studios have a bathroom, and then one large room that is half-tiled and half-carpeted. The tiled section has a small fridge and an oven/stove. My only complaint is that there is very little cabinet and counter space. The carpeted area is just enough for a table, bed, desk with chair, lounge chair, and table with two chairs. It can get crowded if you have too much stuff with you, but it's definitely worth it to live on your own. </p>

<p>If you're an incoming student, you should know that WVE is only open to sophomores and up, but typically you need to be a junior or senior to have a good enough lottery number to live there. IV is for all class years.</p>

<p>Note, studio singles and "one bedroom" apartments are wicked expensive.</p>

<p>Are the studio doubles really too small for two people??</p>

<p>No, they aren't "too small". They are usually just a tiny bit wider than a normal double, with a little kitchen tagged onto it and a bathroom. So they are better than IV, but whether or not they are better than a normal apartment-style dorm with a common room depends on you, how much stuff you have, and who your roommate is. Sometimes you get lucky though; some friends of mine are living in a studio triple in 337hunt and not only is their room huge, the kitchen is also pretty nice.</p>