West Village F--Honor's housing

<p>My son will be living in WV F as a sophomore this fall. He'll be in with 5 others; 4 of whom he doesn't know. Interested in hearing from others who've lived there to find out what it's like, what he should bring that's unique to that dorm, social scene... Any info you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>I've lived in WVF for the past two years and there isn't anything 'unique to that dorm, social scene'. If he is coming from a normal style dorm, he'll of course want to organize with his roommates about microwaves, pots and pans, plates, toaster, living room tv, and whatever else they want in their room- but that's the same for anyone moving into an apartment style dorm. Being in the honors housing is cool because you get to do the dorm building related activities as well as the honors only activities, and often honors will fund some of the dorm-related ones. However there isn't really too much different about how WVF lives as opposed to WVC or something.</p>

<p>It's not always the best though. It doesn't have any singles, so if that's important to you then you need to go elsewhere. Plus yes, the building is the newest, but it can still be in crappy condition sometimes. During the week of really bad rain this spring, I had to walk against the wall for several days because it appeared part of the ceiling decided to fall apart in the 6th floor hallway. They fixed it fine and really quickly, so don't worry. Just wanted to point out that "newest" doesn't always mean "greatest". It depends a lot on how the building is made.</p>