West Virginia University Class of 2022

Figured I would start thread for acceptances.

just applied two days ago, couple questions: how long did it take for you to receive an acceptance letter, and what was your gpa and sat score ? thanks

He applied 10/10/17, SAT scores sent 10/17/17. I called to confirm they received everything on 10/19 they said they admitted him that morning. He still hasn’t received the packet but he’s admitted to the engineering program.

I applied 10/6/17, sent SAT the same day. I’m out of state, and I have a 3.3 GPA and a 1330 SAT. I got my packet in the mail today, and I received admission into the Pre-Sport Management major. Go Mountaineers!

I have a 3.3 GPA and a 1060 on the SAT, pretty nervous about my sat score do you think i will be accepted ?

@qburki12 Based on their 2016 stats, you fall in the average. You should be good!

My DD applied on 10/17, happened to check online tonight and was already accepted!

3.97 uw GPA, 4.7 w, SAT 1490. Varsity sports captain, Robotics, etc. Out of State.

Very exciting!

Is this for spring 2018 ?

just got accepted today took about two weeks to receive my acceptance letter!

I applied 11/3 and I just called to see if they had received my application because my status page wasn’t working. They told me over the phone I was accepted. I have a 2.99 GPA and a 1320 SAT

I had 2.8 gpa and 1130 sat got in two weeks later

Just got mail acceptance today, also 15K merit, hoping for Eberly scholarship on top since OOS. 3.9uw, 31 ACT, 1440 SAT. Found merit award on WVU portal.

just accepted today!!

Are you doing honors college? If so, living in the honors dorm?

Just got honors acceptance few days ago, honors dorms are the place to be it seems. have to make deposit before choosing housing.