Western Washington University acceptance

I applied to WWU back in October, and even though they said they’d get back to me within 6 weeks, I haven’t heard anything! I’ve emailed a few times and I’m thinking about calling but I haven’t heard anything at all. Did anyone else have this same experience with WWU? I’m getting nervous that I’ll never get an acceptance or rejection letter, and I’ll just be left in confusing college purgatory.

Is there any reason they would send it so late?

Reason? They have terrible service.

You’re a consumer. Call them up and ask for an admissions office supervisor immediately. Tell them you’ve emailed six times and haven’t heard a thing. If this is how they define “six weeks” and this is evidence of their customer service, you’re rather unsure as to whether or not they deserve yours and your family’s tuition fees. Ask this supervisor for the name and telephone number of his/her supervisor. Tell the person they have until the close of business today to get back with you or you will elevate to his/her supervisor tomorrow morning.

Your application fee demands a correct and speedy response. Your family’s tax dollars pay these employees’ salaries. How about ‘dem apples?