Western Washington University Class of 2024 - Admissions Thread (Early and Regular Decisions)

My D20 has applied to WWU regular decision so I want to open a thread for others to discuss their application status whether applying as new freshman or transfers for Fall 2020. Once admission decisions start being released for WWU, it would be great for people to share in this format:

Decision (Admitted/Denied/Waitlisted):

GPA (Weighted and Unweighted):

Other schools applied to:

Anything else you want to mention:

Best of luck to all applicants!

D20 was accepted during the EA cycle - I thought they processed the application pretty quickly! She’s just submitted an application for the Honors Program this week.

Congratulations @KaliHoosier !

Decision (Admitted/Denied/Waitlisted): Admitted

SAT: 1290
ACT: n/a
GPA (Weighted and Unweighted): 2.7 UW GPA
EC’s: Baseball, X-Country, Part-time job

Other schools applied to: ASU (Admitted), Arizona (Admitted), UW, WSU

Congratulations @EmeraldDad ! If you don’t mind my asking, was the application submitted Early Action?

D20 received via email today that she was admitted.

GPA (Weighted): 3.7
GPA (Unweighted): 3.6
SAT: 1320
EC’s: Orchestra, International Thespian Society

OOS - California

Other schools: WSU (Accepted), Cal Poly SLO, Chico St., UCSD, UCSC, Utah (Accepted), Portland (Accepted), Whitworth (Accepted), Oregon (Accepted)

D21 applied back in October at the same time as all her other applications. She was almost immediately accepted and subsequently admitted to the Honors College. No word on financial aid yet, but we are in state to it is cheap regardless. I think WWU is a backup for her in case she doesn’t get into UW.

GPA: 3.96 unweighted
SAT: 1400
ECs: Respectable but not over-the-top like some.

Also applied to:
UO (accepted but not honors college)
WSU (accepted with honors)
Lewis & Clark (accepted)
University of Puget Sound (accepted)
Gonzaga, UW, Occidental, and Whitman (all waiting on RD)