Western Washington University OOS merit aid

We live in Illinois, junior daughter has 4.3 GPA; has anyone outside of the WUE received WUE merit aid to Western Washington University?

You can’t receive WUE aid unless your state is part of WUE. Illinois isn’t.

Can your student receive university merit aid? Maybe.

I thought that I had read somewhere that Western Washington extended the merit aid to all states, I get that is not what is listed on their website and does not follow the WUE “rules”. I am curios to see what type of merit aid OOS non-WUE freshman recieved.

Looks like you’re just going to have to move back to Colorado… :wink:

@coloradogirl14 Looks like your child might be eligible for the WAE, which is 8K per year. WUE is currently valued at 13K per year. Room/board/fees/tuition would be 29K per year if she got this award.


Ha! ?

WUE is not available in all states. Only Western states…
Western Wash might have merit aid that extends to people who live outside the WUE area