Westpoint admission

i am a highschool junior with a 3.3 gpa
i have taken five AP classes seven Honor classes
Cadet Catain for my second year in ArmyJrotc
being consider for brigade commander (cadet colonel) for my entire county
second year captain of color guard. captain of my drill team
commander of my flag detail
ASVAB score 73 my first try in tenth grade and 82 this year both without studying but pure knowledge
Taking SAT for first time in january( what should i aim for due to my low gpa)
completed a season of Raider team
completed a year of JROTC staff
was LET 1 of the year my ninth grade year
have not played a sport in haigh school due to dedication to JROTC but played three years of soccer outside of highschool
worked in construction
first born american citizen
what can i do to help my chances and improve them from where i am now… it is my dream to be the first male from my highschool to attend westpoint

grade wise, yes you are lacking in gpa

west point average gpa is a 3.74 (estimated) so you are under.

sat scores are not that competitive for west point.

average sat is 1894, try to break a 2000 and it may make up for your low gpa

i hope you do well!

Your GPA is a killer for West Point, you’ll need to get a really, really good SAT score. Above the 2000 mark. My S will be attending USNA in the Fall of 2016. You have good ECs, but it doesn’t seem like you have a major athletic background or leadership in an athletic position, which is what they look for. I’d say your chances are meh. You can try it, but you’ll need to get a nomination too.