<p>Is it me, or is it the "smarter" you are, the less insecure you become?
Stop posting on this website and asking WILL I GET IN, because quite frankly, your posts are all bugging me out. I'm a dumb legacy kid and if I get in over you freaks who **** and **** over themselves because you only got a 1580 with 1500+ hours of community service captain of every damn team and club that you truly don't give a **** about... ughh.</p>

<p>Send in your application, and rather than give yourself hives, wish for the best. I wish you all luck, but I seriously think you should calm down. This website scared me, and I wish I was never referred. I honestly registered to this site because I think you're all going to die of cardiac arrest.</p>

<p>If these are the type of people applying to UPenn, I'm seriously considering reaching my hand into the mailbox and pulling out my application. Can you say anal-retentive? Future Cokeheads of America?</p>


<p>good post.</p>

<p>meh. i guess i speak for myself when i say this: but i don't really have any college guidance counselors so i was curious about whether i would have a chance at all (not money to pay for college prep and stuff). and i only post b/c i really do want to get in. i'm not freaking out or anything.
but good post. insightful</p>

<p>I concur. I don't think it's so much that these kids don't think they're going to get in as that they want to brag about themselves. You can tell by the titles of their post. "Do I have a chance in hell?!" and then the 1600 and valedictorian status follows. Good post.</p>

<p>upennizzle, your shizzle is the jizzle, my nizzle.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! =)
It wasn't meant to be taken personally by anyone... you know... just keep in check all those who have read this.
I just sent in my app woohooooo I'll post if this cynical ****er gets in =)</p>

<p>lol..word up yo. i just wanted to see where i was comparatively. i aint no captain of nothin or valedictorian and i go to a public school and my counselor doesn't know **** about applying cuz she's jsut a teacher since we have no moneyyy yeaaaah.</p>