Whaddaya think of the core?

<p>I like the Core Curriculum at Columbia.. I'm applying ED SEAS. What is the core like? Will I have to take 4 classes in arts/english or something. i agree that having a balanced core is alright eg: 1 foreign language, 1 english class, maybe 1 arts, etc... but will the core affect my performance in SEAS? And also, are the core classes taken with CC students? Do you guys see the core as a boon? thanks</p>

<p>Well the core is pretty unique in that it's a SPECIFIC CLASS not a distribution requirement you can fill with any number of classes. The core sounds kinda eh to me, mainly becuase they're the same things that's been taught for a hundred years there (tradition tradition I know) but the good thing is that all the core classes are like capped at 22 or something, so you'll have nice discussions.</p>