Whaddya think? Chance or no chance?

<p>Hey everyone! I was wondering if you guys could tell me if I have any chance at Brown University. I know it's probably a HUGE reach, but any feedback is mush appreciated! thanks! </p>

<p>my stats:
Im a senior at a very rigorous high school in northern California
HS GPA: 3.7ish
SAT: 710M, 690V (1410)
SAT II's: writing:740, french:740, math 1c:640(retook, probably around 720)
AP exams: french, environmental science (4), english, and biology. (These are also the AP classes I am taking) </p>

<p>I also took Honors chem. at a community college as well as did the "summer discovery" program @ UCSB and got A's in Linguistics and Native American Culture. </p>

Jazz band-2 years
CMEA(a music festival thing)-6
School band-all 4 years
"Pep" band (for football games)-4
Odyssey of the Mind-2(won regional, went to state)
Peer counseling-2
Peer tutoring-2
JV golf-2
President of French club and hospital colunteer CS club-2
Vice President of Art/Community service club
Around 200 CS hours at a soup kitchen, hospital, and peer counseling
Job: Graphic Designer (8hrs/week) since 2001</p>

<p>Good teacher recs, and (what I think is) a good and unique essay</p>

<p>I'm surprised you got a 710 on math if you add 710+690 to equal 1410.</p>

<p>Otherwise, you sound like a strong candidate. ;)</p>

<p>Whoops! Just a typo! My SAT is a 1400 :P</p>

<p>he's exaggerating...
you're not a strong cadidate, you'll be just like every other person applying.
sorry to put you down but that essay si what will put you ahead, and if what you say is true about it, then you have a good chance of in
good luck man</p>