whaddya think?

<p>-fall freshman
-cog sci major</p>

<p>math 1A-4
educ c1 (intro to cog sci)-4
anthro 3ac-4
s asian r5a-4</p>

<p>=total 16 units</p>

<p>am i overdoing it here or do you think i am not committing total academic suicide? during hs i was able to balance a full HS course load in addition to enrolling in 1 class at local cc for both semesters....thx people you are AWESOME</p>

<p>It depends how good you are at math. Why are you taking Math 1A and what is your background in Calculus?</p>

<p>im taking 1a for a premed req/cog sci prereq...i could take 16a but i just chose 1a with hald because it was the only one that fit with the rest of my class times...5 on bc and multivar calc at cc level with a "B" in the class ultimately</p>