Wharton and essays

<p>How much do essays count for Wharton? I have great essays that really reflect my entrepreneurial interests, a good GPA, but my test scores suck. My math are good but verbal are pretty bad. Is that going to be a problem? I mean, they're gonna see that I can write well with the essay and my Writing SAT II is decent but my verbal SAT is just quite low; how much will it affect me given these other factors? Thanks guys.</p>

<p>unless you're a special case i think you need at least 1400 to be competitive. if you have 800 M, 600 V, i think you still have a shot. but if you're talking about 1200-1300 combined your chances aren't great.</p>

<p>also someone with similar stats as me from another high school in my hometown got rejected while i was accepted, and the only real difference in our stats was i got a 740 on writing and he got a ~550.</p>

<p>people talk about how the SAT's not that important, but hardly anyone gets admitted without at least a 1350-1400.</p>