Wharton: backdoor applicant?

<p>Hey, I got a friend that is applying to the College at Penn, but on the essay about what the characteristics of penn he find most interesting, everything he described was about Wharton...(he wrote down that he is applying as an econ major)...</p>

<p>Will they consider him as a backdoor applicant to the College for Wharton? How does this affect his chances?</p>

<p>Oh and his SAT is 1260, gpa is about 3.6-3.7...good ECs, legacy...if that affects anything</p>

<p>If anything, I would say that this person would be hurting himself/herself, because this person is demonstrating a lack of knowledge about the program to which he/she is applying. If this person wants to go to Wharton, this person should be applying to Wharton.</p>

<p>In a more blatant example, I knew one guy who a few years ago, on his MIT application, reused some of the same essays he used for Harvard, because that year, Harvard and MIT had some very similar essay questions. The problem was that he forgot to replace the word "Harvard" with "MIT" on some of the answers. So basically, on his MIT application, he mistakenly talked about how he really was impresssed with Harvard, etc. etc. He didn't get into MIT (or Harvard, for that matter).</p>

<p>well, his essay had a LOT of detail...but only about wharton courses...only a little bit about the economics courses in the college.</p>

<p>Yeah, and I would say that that's precisely the problem. Presuming that the adcom officer is alert (not always a safe bet, I concede), that officer is going to read those essays and say "Wait a minute, these essays actually have nothing to do with us at all, they actually have to do with Wharton, so why is this applicant applying to us?" </p>

<p>I would again say that a high level of detail would hurt the applicant. If the applicant was vague, then the applicant would stand a good chance of sneaking some answers by an adcom officer. But if the applicant is highly detailed, then there is a good chance of getting caught. Again, it's like an MIT applicant talking about how he really enjoys walking in the Yard where he finds inspiration from the statue of the founder of the school, only to have an MIT adcom officer remark "Wait a minute, we don't have a Yard where you can find a statue of the founder - that's actually true of a certain other school in town."</p>

<p>oh i know for a fact his dad wrote it for him lol...i just hope the admissions people will see it</p>

<p>Well, then, his Dad is stupid for writing such blatantly inappropriate essay answers. Unless of course his Dad has "pull" at Upenn (perhaps because Dad is himself a Upenn alumni who has been donating heavily?), in which case, the applicant was probably going to be getting in anyway, so it's a moot point.</p>

<p>Even if he gets into the college at Penn... he is not going to be able to inter school transfer to Wharton... it is extremly extremly tough</p>

<p>Transfers are rather complicated and he will need a good academic record to transfer.</p>

<p>i dunno bout donating but he used to teach in penn</p>


<p>You are spending way too much time and effort worry over this, because in the end, how does it affect you? Remember, character is who you are when no one is whatching, and he will have ot like with the outcome. </p>

<p>Don't let this issue live in your head rent free and definitely don't let it detract from you taking care of YOUR business in the college process.</p>

<p>All the best to you, feel proud in knowing that you will do your by the seat of your brow and wonb't need these kinds ot tactics :)</p>

<p>lol it's k dude, im just wondering, i already got my stuff done</p>