Wharton/CAS guidance and chances for both

<p>I'm a Junior, a few of these are speculations, but will be true when I apply early decision next fall. I'm white and I'm a proud American just so everyone knows.
My heart's set on Penn, Wharton, and everything about Philly. I don't want Michigan, Georgetown, no sir, I want UPenn. Should I apply to CAS and later transfer in, or go straight into Wharton, and what are my chances? So here's my story, I'd love it if you could estimate my chances.
-33 ACT with writing
-4.0 GPA at one of the country's best schools
-Hard schedule: 7 AP's total, 5's on US history, US Gov, Microecon, Macroecon, currently in Calculus BC, Espanol, and Chemistry
-Hell of a recommendation letter from my econ teacher who is known by many profs at Wharton, among others.
-Varsity Tennis, 2 years, Academic all-state both years, JV Tennis two years.
-Heavy volunteer experience: 3 year youth basketball coach at YMCA,winner of a regional award for volunteering by Kohls, worked with mentally challenged kids at a rec center all four years, 4H tennis coach in a rough part of town
-Work experience as lifeguard and maintenance crew at rural high school, total 3 years of jobs.
-NHS, Spanish NHS, DECA district and regional champion twice
-here's what I hope are the kickers: went to Wharton's Leadership in the Business World program which currently gives me a 4.0 in classes at Penn, I have a transcript there already.
-Great grandfather graduated from Wharton in 1914, but there's a twist: magically found a picture of him in the library in an old yearbook, this will is my essay topic, and I wo
wrote one hell of an essay about the magical moment we found my great grandpa in the yearbook. Admissions counselor told me that's just as good as a legacy.
-Thanks for reading, I'd appreciate your help.</p>

<p>your chances are definitely decent. The fact that you went to the summer leadership program at Wharton shows that you already have a connection with the school. You also have a pseudo legacy is also helpful. Make sure your essay about the great grandfather is genuine.</p>

<p>If you want to do business, apply wharton. If not and are looking for a more general economics study, apply CAS. Don’t worry about the acceptance rates or trying to transfer. I definetely think you have a shot at wharton but your ECs look pretty generic to me. Your grades are solid, scores are pretty solid. I’d say do more extracirricular stuff, find out what really drives you and make a huge impact, be a leader, get people involved, stuff like that.</p>

<p>Would CAS help my chances? But then again I wouldn’t want to not get accepted as a transfer and live in envy of Wharton students for four years… Which is best?</p>

<p>Go for what you want.</p>

<p>Should you apply to the school that is about taking risks or apply to the one you feel is a little safer, easier to get into.</p>

<p>Entrepreneurship - taking calculated risks in hopes of a greater reward.</p>

<p>Haha good way to think of it</p>

<p>It’s tough. You need a couple of solid back up schools. Are you choosing the program or the university you want to attend?</p>

<p>Cornell has business and going to any of the Ivies won’t hurt you one but in business though you may go back for an MBA.</p>