Hey guys, I’m a rising senior and relatively new here, I’d like if you guys could rate my chances of getting into UPENN Wharton, NYU Stern, UMICH, USC all for undergraduate in business with a concentration in Finance. Keep in mind that I’m an international Indian applicant so please give me some feedback accordingly.
I’m applying to WHARTON ED and if possible STERN ED

Academics-(In India we have board exams and not the gpa system in US high schools)
SAT-1550; SAT Subject- Math-780, Physics-760
ILETS- 105
5 AP’s taken
AP Calc AB-5, Micro-5, Macro-5, Physics C(Mechanics)-5, Statistics-5

Organized a fundraiser marathon to spread awareness about obesity, and used the funds to buy water filters for the local government schools
Worked in the kitchen to make lunch and snacks at the government schools once a week
Took online courses and learned stock trading to make an equity forecasting model using ML algorithms
Developed a refurbished goods donation app to connect a donator and a potential buyer at the respective donation center
Took online courses and learned accounting on excel and financial models, interned at as an equity research analyst at a medium firm
Came 2nd in the Wharton High School Global Trading/Investment competition
Playing state-level football for 5 years
Ranked top 20 (out of 250+) to train in Spain at 2nd Div Football club (AD Alcarcon) in the western country region
Silver and bronze medals in u17,u15(twice) football at IB school sports meets
Sneakerhead and been trading sneakers on stockx and other platforms for over 1yr and made a profit of 2k+annually

All the schools on your list are reaches, each of those business schools likely has single digit acceptance rates for international students.

You can only apply to one school per ED round (some schools have ED2 so if you don’t get accepted ED to your first choice, you can apply ED2 to another school).

Will you be applying for financial aid? What can/will your family pay for college each year?

The entire point of me coming to the US for my undergrad if and only if i get into the best of the best, otherwise i’ll be doing my bachelors in India itself.
Yes, ill be applying for financial aid, roughly we can pay 40k per year. I guess this will affect my chances right? But would i still stand a chance?
My 1st choice is Wharton(Obviously) and 2nd is Stern

This is not a good year for internationals, especially those who need financial aid. Wharton will be a reach for you. But you never know, you may get lucky.

Could you give me feedback on my profile ,are my stats; acads and EC’s enough and could i get in if i denied financial aid?

Wharton is not need blind for internationals. That means they take financial need into account when deciding among the internationals. And they generally accept the wealthy kids whose parents can pay in full. There are some internationals who get aid, but I don’t know what %.

There are probably only a handful of kids from India accepted to Wharton each year. Do your stats/marks/EC put you in the the top 1% of applicants from India? If so then you might have a chance. You could still apply, but it is a longshot. Just have some backup choices.

coming 2nd in the Wharton High School Global Trading/Investment competition is going to help you big time - make sure it is in your top 3 activities for the common app

@captainundergrad out of these what are the other 2 things i should put in my top 3 activities.
And will not having alot of awards be replaced by a) community impact b) professional internship c)interest (spike, maybe depending on the admissions perspective) towards major