Wharton + Engineering/Computer Science?

<p>I love business. And I love engineering too (esp computer science). I have a list of EC and awards, but CS is somewhat heavy.</p>

<p>Is there a program in UPenn that I can study business and engineering/CS?</p>


<p>Of course, the Jerome Fisher program in management and technology(SEAS+Wharton). It's a highly selective coordinated dual degree program, but don't worry, you can choose either Wharton or SEAS as back-up. </p>

<p>Best luck:)</p>

<p>yes jerome fisher, known around campus as M&T, is exactly what you're looking for. I would suggest applying to M&T with Wharton as your second choice. </p>

<p>Also, because of the One University policy, you can still do a dual degree with business and engineering even if you don't get into M&T, it's just going to require a few more classes</p>

<p>Thanks very much guys</p>

<p>1 university policy?</p>

<p>So I can choose M&T as first choice, and Wharton as second choice. And If I got rejected from both, I got rejected from UPenn, right?</p>

<p>Awped, if I got into Wharton, I can still get another deg in engineering. How would that be different from M&T?</p>

<p>And If I choose SEAS, can I get another Wharton degree?</p>

<p>(BTW I'm international)</p>

<p>yes u can. the only difference is that M&T will make it easier to get 2 degrees (1 from wharton and 1 from seas) while otherwise if u take a degree from wharton after getting into seas (or vice versa), ur courseload is gonna be relatively very difficult as u will be taking double the classes.</p>