Wharton- Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

<p>Quakers and Whartonites, I will be attending Wharton as a sophomore transfer student. Wharton lists foreign language competency as a requirement for graduation: How may one fulfill this requirement? Through two semesters of the same language, or four semesters? Are you supposed to take a test given by the Penn Language Center? I did take Mandarin for two semesters during my freshman year but that was two years ago and I have forgotten much of it. On Foreign</a> Language Competancy, it says the requirement may be fullfilled For bilingual students, successful completion of a special test given by a department or by the Penn Language Center. Also, on the Wharton FAQ page, it says Native speakers may also choose to take a written and oral examination in their native language to complete the requirement. Does this apply to international students? Since I am a Korean international student, can I just take this examination in Korean and complete this foreign language proficiency requirement without taking any language courses? Truthfully, I don't really enjoy learning another language and since I will be attending Wharton as a transfer student, I will be a bit behind than my classmates in terms of well, everything.</p>

<p>Thank you very much!!</p>

<p>Yes, I'm pretty sure you can take the Korean placement/proficiency written and oral test and have the requirement filled. The test will probably be during NSO.</p>

<p>(Otherwise it's 4 semesters of a language or proficiency beyond that point, so the Chinese in your case would be useless).</p>