Wharton LBW 2021

Hi College confidential,
Anyone applying to wharton lbw for 2021?

I was thinking of applying but was not sure if it was worth the money.

Does anyone know if they started issuing acceptance yet?

No, the date on their website is 3/25. 2 months to goo

Hey everyone! Couldn’t find any other threads about this, so here’s a thread for the students who were accepted to Wharton LBW for the summer of 2020, but because of covid, chose to rollover to this summer for 2021!

Do you guys think it will be online again? They haven’t made any decisions yet but I think it will be. YYGS and Launch X are both online this summer

They’re planning for it to be in person this year and they lowered the amount of students per session (I think). They’re also setting up many safety procedures, so I think we’ll be on campus

Omg really that’s great to hear!! But acceptance rates will probably be lower :frowning:

Wait where did you find out is it on their website?

Yeah! I was accepted last summer, but chose to rollover into this summer because of covid, and they have given us some of the information for the sessions. But I do think it might also be on their website under the programs section, they list the ones that will be residential!

Did the program give you any specific information about it being residential vs online?

seems like their approach is ‘in-person till we’re forced to go online’ since rollover students were told to choose a session a few weeks ago

anyone here planning to attend session 3?

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yep!! session 3 is my first choice and session 2 is my second

do you know how many rollover students from last year? and could you share your application experience and your stats to us?

No, not that many details yet on the residential side

No, I’m not entirely sure

Do you mean my gpa, scores, and extracurriculars?

Does anyone know when the deadline is? Is it 11:59 pm on 2/25 or 2/26

Hey guys! I’m also applying to LBW this year.
I’m actually an international applicant from India!

Is anyone submitting by the priority deadline today?

I just submitted mine an hour ago
It took me forever to find this thread honestly