Wharton LBW 2022

Hey guys, couldn’t find a thread for LBW 2022 so here’s a thread for those who were accepted to Wharton LBW for this summer!

hi!! I was accepted priority deadline, still deciding whether or not to commit though. wbu?

Yes I was accepted. I plan to attend!

I got accepted, im just unsure if the program is as prestigious as it was before

Hey! I was accepted too :slight_smile:

I’m planning on attending Session 2. I know they’re accepting more people than previous years, but I’m still super excited to go!

I plan on attending also! Anyone know how many kids were accepted this year?

Are there a lot more attendees this year? 120 kids per session, 3 session?

am i the only one who feels like they haven’t sent much info about the program lol. I got accepted in session 1 btw. I’m still super excited though!

Hello, I’m attending session 1 as well! I agree they gave so little information on the schedule and rooming plans lol.

I thought they accept 120 altogether so roughly 40 people per session

I got accepted too! Third session super excited :smiley:

Hi! I am attending the 3rd Session:) I am from Ann Arbor, MI…what about you guys?

I’m from London, UK!

Does anyone know what the living situation is going to be?

We’ll be living in the dorms. I think there are two houses available. One has individual rooms with a common living space, and the other has a traditional dorm layout.

I heard we need to bring a suit for presentations from someone who attended a previous year. Have you heard anything about it as well?

Sorry, I didn’t see this until now. I heard about that too. I emailed Wharton about it, and they recommended we bring a suit. It’s also on the packing list :slight_smile: