Wharton LBW Program 2023

Hey guys! I saw that there wasn’t a thread yet for LBW this year yet, so here we are!

What time will LBW result come out today? Good luck to everyone!

Based on past years, 5 pm EST

What’s the acceptance rate for the program

I got into session 2!!


Congrats. I am waiting for my results.

Session 2! :grin:

I got into session 1 (yay)! But it interferes with a national competition I have, so I am trying to transfer to session 2. To the people who were accepted, do you guys want to make a gc?

Yes I’m down (session 3)

Wait add me pls. I got session 2 and want to move to 1

Hi! Anyone who got accepted to session 1 wanna create a group chat?

Ok, let’s make the gc on insta then… can anyone who wants to be added just give me your insta @

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@FattestCattest I already emailed Wharton and they told me they needed to request the transfer. Do you want to email them as well, and mention me so that they know that there are two people who want to switch?


Session 1! My Instagram is Jasper.hanss

Hey guys! here’s a link to those who want to join the insta gc:

Got waitlisted… Anyone else? What’s the chance of getting into it if being put on the waitlist?

Can you add me? This feature isn’t available in my country :sob: @ch3r1_ho

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Since this program is hella expensive there might be people who can’t afford it even with the aid that they were provided with so you can maybe get off the waitlist but I don’t know the %chance

@s2024_pa if this is your real name or close to it…I would strongly suggest you change it.

You will need to send a message to @CC_Sorin or @CC_Jon