Wharton or CAS

<p>I plan on applying to Penn next year, and I was wondering if you all could give me some advice between Wharton and CAS. For the past few years, I really wanted to apply to Wharton ED, but now I realized that I'm more of a weaker candidate, especially looking at my test scores:</p>

<p>First off, I am an Asian male from Texas.</p>

<p>Right now I'm 1/~500, with a GPA of 3.98 unweighted and 4.47 weighted (it's not out of 5.0, our school weights differently).</p>

<p>I currently do dual enrollment at a local community college, where by the end of senior year I'll have about 20-25 credit hours.
AP scores: Human Geog (self-study) 4, World History 4, Biology 3 (I took Biology, US History, Statistics, and English Lang this year)</p>

<p>Senior year I will be taking AP English Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Chem, AP US Government, AP Macroeconomics, AP Euro, AP Spanish Lit (Spanish V), Accounting II (unfortunately the only business-related class offered to our school), and PALS. I'll also be taking two community college classes in the fall as well (business classes). </p>

<p>ACT: Composite 30 (English 31, Math 32, Reading 30, Sci 27, Essay 9) (taking again this Saturday)
SAT Subject: Math 2 780, Biology E 670 (I took Biology E again plus US History last Saturday)</p>

<p>My extracurriculars are average overall, and pretty much the only hook I have is being a 1st gen. My real worry are my test scores, especially considering that my math scores need to be high for Wharton. I do have some certain circumstances that I will address on the application.</p>

<p>My family income is less than $60,000, so I will be applying for financial aid.
UPenn is definitely my top choice, but I'm also applying to UT Austin, A&M, Harvard, Cornell, Rice, and NYU.
I plan on studying Finance, but I am still considering Economics and Statistics.</p>

<p>So this pretty much sums me up. My real question is, would it be more preferable for me to apply RD to CAS rather than ED/RD to Wharton? My goal is Wharton, but at the same time I wouldn't mind CAS.</p>

<p>I'm open to criticism, so fire away!</p>

<p>If you want to major in business apply to Wharton. If you don’t, apply to CAS - it’s as simple as that. Don’t confuse yourself by looking at acceptance rates and average scores and all that stuff, just do what you want.</p>