Wharton/Stern Chances

<p>I'm interested in knowing the following:
1) What is the average SAT score/GPA of a student at a) Wharton and b) Stern?
2) What type of extra curricular's do these two colleges look for?
(Other than starting a business)...Like, do they look into if you contributed to the community thru service, or does that not really matter?</p>


<p>the average sat for stern is 1412 and the avg gpa is 3.74, i got it straight from the stern website. check out my post and tell me what you think of my credentials. i am applying early to stern. good luck</p>

<p>do about 100+ hours of community service to look good.
Also try and join an EC that focuses on Diversity. Also a leadership role is definately helpful</p>