Wharton summer program Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Hello! I’ve been accepted by Wharton’s “Essentials of Entrepreneurship” 2021 summer program. Due to the pandemic, it was cancelled, and I have the option to roll over to the next summer (2022). I’m in 9th grade, very interested in entrepreneurship, has started a few small businesses. I hope to get your opinions on my questions:

  1. Is it worth to attend? The 2-week program costs around $6500. On the other hand, I would have the opportunity to interact with Wharton faculty and scholars, which I think would be cool.
  2. Would this expensive summer program have negative impact on my college application? I had thought this was a selective program before I applied, but after surfing around it seems it is a pay-to-play program. And I heard expensive, non-selective summer camps may hurt college admissions.
    Thank you!

You have the option to defer enrollment into next summer. Only attend if it is something that interests you. It won’t bump your application one way or another.