Wharton V Columbia b schools

<p>Hi there - I'm curious what folks think of the respective merits of Columbia versus Wharton mba programs, specifically for placement into the alternative investments field.</p>

<p>Clearly Wharton has an edge, but how great do people think that edge is?</p>

<p>The point to this post is to help weigh the value of that advantage against the desirability of living in NYC over Philly for 2 years.</p>

<p>Thx for any thoughts you may have.</p>

<p>The edge is significant. Go to Wharton, Booth, Harvard, or Stanford if alternative investment is what you’re after.</p>

<p>Does it really manner? Don’t be a brand whore, go to the one that you have a best culture fit in. Unless you plan to go into blue chip PE, there is no difference what so ever between Wharton and CBS. Hell, Kravis and Buffett went to CBS.</p>

<p>They’re all amazing. All schools mentioned above. I wouldn’t count out Philly as a city either. That place is pretty awesome.</p>