Wharton vs. Columbia for undergrad

<p>Hi, I have been accepted into Wharton and Columbia as a transfer student. I am having the hardest time deciding which school to attend. I would appreciate any advice you guys can give me.</p>

<p>My original plan was to attend law school right after college and become a lawyer (probably a corporate lawyer- m&a, etc.) It is my understanding that a liberal arts education is key to being successful in law school (logical thinking, vast amounts of reading, papers, etc.) I feel that Columbia College is a better fit for a liberal arts education than Wharton. I am afraid that I will not be able to delve into many different areas of studies at Wharton, given its rigorous business-oriented curriculum. On the other hand, Wharton is the #1 business school, an opportunity of a lifetime. An education at Wharton will definitely set me up for success in many areas, as business is integrated in virtually any job market. But I haven't heard of many Wharton grads attending law school (don't they usually get jobs right after college at investment banking or consulting firms and perhaps go through MBA later on?)</p>

<p>My main interests are: political science, government, philosophy, but I am also not unattracted to business (Finance, economics, etc.) In the discipline of business, I am especially interested in management. </p>

<p>Please help me! Thank you!! Feel free to post any questions that I can answer.</p>

<p>Oh boy, you have a lot to learn about law school admissions. GPA+LSAT is pretty much all that matters.</p>

<p>"It is my understanding that a liberal arts education is key to being successful in law school"</p>

<p>This amused me. </p>

<p>You've posted this in about 5 different forums. This does not belong in the law school forum because it has absolutely no relevance to law school. From a pure law school standpoint, you might as well flip a coin.</p>

<p>To be a lawyer specializing in M&A, distressed debt, etc., you would need a JD. To attend a top school for your JD, you would need a high GPA. If you think you can pull off a 3.7 (for CCN) or 3.85 (for HYS) at Wharton (very hard since Wharton curves), go for it. The things you learn at Wharton would be valuable for your career in corporate law. However, if you don't think you can do that at Wharton but you think you can achieve that at Columbia, then go to Columbia. If you don't think you can achieve that at Wharton or Columbia and you are absolutely want to be a lawyer, then transfer to where you can get a 4.0.</p>