Wharton Xfers

<p>Is anyone here considering transfering into Wharton for the upcoming Fall of 2005 semester? </p>

<p>Also does anyone have the numbers to the number of Wharton Xfers applying and accepted each year? I e-mailed the admissions office not too long ago and got a response of around 25/300. Just wanted to confirm those numbers.</p>

<p>you think that someone here is going to be better informed than the actual admissions office? do you think they're lying?
but yes, 25/300, though I can't confirm it for wharton, is a very typical transfer acceptance rate for a school of wharton's stature; penn's peer schools have very similar numbers.</p>

<p>So out of the 25ish that are accepted every year to Wharton what are the usual stats that applicants have?</p>

<p>ay carumba: Penn's peer schools don't necessarily have similar numbers. Duke, for example, takes over 17% of tranfser applicants. Even Stanford claims to accept more transfers (percentage-wise).</p>