<p>how much does Wharton emphasize math?
Like what do you have to get in your math classes, AP, SAT, SAT2, etc.</p>

<p>Straight A's, 800's.
Edit: Also, you pretty much have to take calc.</p>

<p>what if you have one A- (sophmore)? but everythign else</p>

<p>Just wondering what would be considered the average ACT score for some of the CC students who were accepted to Wharton ED? Thanks.</p>

<p>everybody that goes to Wharton is above a 32 in ACT..but i believe that if you want to stand out from all the legacies than you have to have near perfect</p>

<p>^ Legacies don't get as much as a hook in RD as they do in ED round. </p>

<p>I think the hype on needing a 5 on the AP calc exams is a little exaggerated. I had a 3 in Calc AB exam. Many people told me that AP scores are not a huge playing factor in being judged for your application. Plus AP scores on the application are self-reported, since you're not required to send them officially, and most people send them through collegeboard only after they get accepted and want AP credit.</p>

<p>you want to show mathematical competence. That would most likely be 750+ for SAT/SAT II's, a 34+ for the math section of the ACT and preferably A's in calc.</p>

<p>Math isnt end of the world important. If you are taking or have had calc, youre fine. You dont need to get an 800 on the sat1 math and the sat2 math 1 and 2 to get into wharton.</p>

<p>yea thats true...so anybody out for Wharton?</p>

<p>I applied for Jerome Fischer M&T and if I get rejected from that I think my application is put into Wharton.</p>

<p>I have nine 5's on APs including B/C and the three physics, 800 Math on SAT I (2270 total), 800 on Math II. For Math League I am president and All-County since 9th grade. For FBLA I founded my school's chapter and got 3rd in Business Calculations for NY state. I am in many other ECs such as Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, MUN, and Student Council. However, my 97 average puts an ugly 9 out of 370 on my application. </p>

<p>Sorry for the length but what do my chances look like? This is my top choice and I'm incredibly nervous.</p>

<p>i think you have a really good chance...especially with all your AP's and everything...however, i believe that colleges are looking more on essays now...so try not to screw up on thatt</p>

<p>not true,
i didn't have straight A's, and i didn't have 800's, and I am a freshman in wharton...learn the facts before you try to give advice</p>

<p>not true,
i didn't have straight A's, and i didn't have 800's, and I am a freshman in wharton...learn the facts before you try to give advice</p>

<p>I think you're more the exception than the rule, upennstudent. How are you holding up in math classes? If you're not above the 70th percentile, our assessment is about right. (why 70? I'm not considering super legacies, donating families, super-influential families, athletes, diversity students, etc)</p>

<p>i would say that i am holding up well in math classes, but there is only one mandatory math class that wharton students must take (math 104=calc I). also, we take 2 semesters of stat (but that is not really math, more critical thinking, etc). </p>

<p>a lot of the econ classes (bpub, finance, etc) have a lot of math, but it is nothing too hard. the admissions committee wants strong candidates to fill their spots for the upcoming school year, and yes, that does include good math scores, etc, but they look at the person as a whole, taking into account all personality traits of the individual</p>

<p>Hey I'm seeing rejections of 2400's and all these out-of-whack applications getting rejected. I'm wondering if I have much of a chance of getting into Wharton, my ED.
here's my stats:
-currently a junior
-hispanic (dad born in peru)
-from pa school with block scheduling (limits amount of ap's able to be taken with schedule)
-legacy to UPenn
-SAT: CR 530 (i think my only big weakness), W 690, M 740
-SAT II's: Just took Math I (definitely 800), and Math II (possibly 800, at least 750+)
-AP's: jr year: Stat, Calc BC (exams this week XD) sr year: Physics C, Macroecon, English, and Comp Sci AB; also taking Calc III at Villanova University
-i think im ok on extra-curriculars... let me know it you think that is important considering my application, if it might help.
-also going to pa gov school this summer
please let me know, i'm kinda desperate!</p>

<p>Good luck on your exams! I can tell you now that you have a chance, but it is slim, even with a legacy. If you really want to consider Wharton, definitely try for a score closest to 800 on the SAT Math section and boost that Critical Reading section the bare minimum of 600. It is very difficult to score an 800 on the SAT II Math I but if you did, I congratulate you! Still, Wharton prefers to look at the SAT II Math II over Math I. </p>

<p>Do well on your APs, too, if you want to compensate for other sections you're weak in. Make sure your average is top 10%-15%. Extracurricular activities and your essays are also very important and are usually what distinguish a robot student with perfect grades from an above average student with say a 95. Have fun at Gov School! A few of my Philly friends went there for their summers.</p>

<p>I got a 720 on my math II, and I'm applying ED to Wharton. Should I retake it?</p>

<p>Above 700 is normally okay. I got a 720 on Math II and 710 on Chem and it was okay. Technically the SAT IIs aren't "required"... just strongly recommended (Oh, I took the ACT so that's probably why I'm saying this). Kind of like the optional essay. My friend didn't write the optional essay and still got in. Granted, she's not in Wharton. She got into the 7 year dental program though, which is rather intense as well.</p>