what a nice school

<p>We visited DePaul a few days ago. What a nice school. Wonderful city neighborhood, great access to public transportation, handsome campus with friendly students. Very low key on the religion scale. Their mission to admit many "first in family to go to college" students lowers selectivity stats but program offerings are extensive and the location is super. I was very impressed.</p>

<p>I know, I just wish other people would recognize how GREAT of a school this is. Depaul should easily be one of the top schools in the country. When I visited I kept trying to find things to complain about and I talked to students, but everybody loved it there and it was so beautiful and perfect. Depaul is also the most diverse school in the world, man I love this school.</p>

<p>maybe if Depaul was in the top 50 schools as ranked by Usnews it would garner more attention, because god knows 99.9% of people on these boards are not looking outside the top 50.</p>

<p>I loved it too!</p>

<p>I was really upset that it got a second tier rating by US News. that was a big downer, but it still has a pretty good reputation.</p>

<p>Great neighborhood, and the kids were some of the nicest I've met on college campuses.</p>

<p>yea i also love depaul
I'm trying to decide between depaul, indiana, and miami of ohio.
I think im pretty set on depaul though because i love chicago, the campus is beautiful, and its so close to home. Also i have heard that if you want to work in chicago, the school has a good reputation.</p>