What abot Georgia Tech?

Hey, i’m applying to some ivies and also to Georgia tech, which i guess can’t be considered an ivy but it is a very good tech school, at least in reputation. what have you heard? what do you know about it? I’ve heard is not really that good…

<p>It's a great school, and very competitive in admissions. However, the campus, social life, and location sucks.</p>

<p>My boyfriend goes there. It is extremely rigorous, and there are no normal people, just eccentric nerds. Don't expect to meet any hot girls (but then, that's what I'm for ;). He never gets enough sleep because he's always doing homework. He complains that too many teachers don't speak understandable english. But overall, I think he likes it. It's also right in the middle of Atlanta, so there's plenty to do. He's doing CS and International Affairs.
studentsreview.com is really good if you haven't looked at it.</p>

<p>My sister was Presidential Scholar there, and she LOVED it. Sure, you'll see your stereotypical "nerds," but you'll also meet extremely enthusiastic, well-rounded, and affable characters. A lot of the people I've met there have been uber cool, and all have been "normal," if you will. I've also heard that a good deal of MIT/Ivy acceptees chose Tech because its atmosphere was more relaxed and pleasing.</p>

<p>For engineering, it's HIGHLY reputable. It's in the top 5 for specific engineering fields. </p>

<p>Yes, the campus blows. But, it is right in the middle of ATL, so that means great social opportunities. Atlanta (Buckhead, specifically) is recognized for its nightlife and club scene.</p>

<p>From my understanding, GaTech is a quite polarizing school - you either love it or you hate it. The school is extremely difficult and demanding, hence the relatively low graduation rate and low grades. But the school also generates a lot of esprit-de-corp and school spirit, probably because those who have made it through feel a sense of pride for having done so. In many ways, you could think of GaTech as the Southern version of MIT.</p>

<p>Yes-a degree from Tech down here is VERY highly regarded.</p>